Saturday, October 8, 2011

Format Fun, Themes, and other odds and ends - - - -Jen G.

I think Julie touched on this on an earlier post, but I wonder how we can structure POPPED in order to both better display the submitted work while also giving a good flow to the magazine layout in general. I've been looking over different editions of The Fairytale Review and there is a variation of artwork and written pieces throughout the magazine, giving readers breaks where needed while simultaneously catching your eye. Even the differing lengths and formats of written pieces can serve as an aid in choosing the next piece to read. Again, I know we're restricted by the website format, but displaying the pieces could be a simple but effective way of mixing things up.
Also, maybe we could have an optional theme for POPPED. The literary magazines we are reading right now have a theme, ranging from food to fairytales, so maybe POPPED could benefit from a theme as well. People could still submit work outside of the theme, but if we do have an option theme, perhaps that will give people a concrete image or element to work from. Anyway, just some thoughts.


Popped said...

I think it would be awesome to base Popped on a particular theme, however, seeing as how it is difficult enough as it is to get submissions, it will most likely not be an option. Hopefully at the end of all of the submissions our "theme" can be relief! haha

amra said...

If only we had a full-time graphic designer on board!